Склад в Уфе от собственника класса А по выгодной цене – Логопарк Сигма

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The largest warehouse complex in Bashkortostan

Logistics of the complex Sigma

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85 000 м2
Low coast
+7 (347) 246-28-00

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Round- the- clock security, video surveillance, and fire safety.


Concrete floor with anti-dust coating that can withstand loads of up to 6 tons / per square meter


Advantageous location-3 km from the M5 federal highway. Availability of railway branches


Ceiling height 12 m. Possibility of 6-tiered storage


Modern offices

About the Sigma complex

The Sigma Warehouse is the first complex which provides a rent service
and maintenance of the warehouse.

Storage is carried out in a modern building, the parameters of which allow us to achieve the maximum filling volume.
The efficiency of the logistics of our customers is also achieved through a favorable location: it is known that Ufa is the center of the intersection of five railway directions and two Federal highways – the M5 and M7, in addition, the airport cargo terminal is in available and accessible.
Warehouse rental is an integral part of the trade, and the cargo turnover process however standard warehouses do not always meet market demands. Rental of a warehouse in the Logopark with a class " A " allows the use of all possibilities of a distribution center: effectively accumulating products from different suppliers and distribution of the goods in a timely manner. This significantly reduces the organizational and material costs of enterprises, and solves many logistical problems.

The plan and features of the warehouse complex Sigma

Logopark Sigma

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Logopark Sigma has

Attractive pricing

Compliance with international fire safety standards

Round-the-clock security

Advantageous geographical location

Complete engineering communications

A managing company

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  • 23/01/2017

    In 2017 SK Sigma implements the project under the scheme BUILT-TO-SUIT for X5 RETAIL GROUP 25 thousand square meters.

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  • 03/11/2016

    Interregional conference " Real estate Market: a way out of the crisis "

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  • 01/11/2016

    Warehouse Complex SIGMA’s Birthday!

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  • 10/07/2011

    Since July 6, 2011, Sigma Logopark is a member of the Association of industrial parks - a non-profit partnership for promoting the development of the industrial parks industry.

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  • 01/07/2011

    On June 29-30, 2011, the Sigma Logopark warehouse complex took part in the summit Of the commercial real estate market, which was held in St. Petersburg at the Corinthia Nevsky Palace hotel, where they discussed the problems of attracting foreign investme

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  • Since August 1, 2011, Sigma Logopark is a member of the Volga logistic association - first and at the moment only interregional non-profit of participants in the logistics market in Russia.

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